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Flying Fun

I'm very passionate about my photography. Whether I'm shooting for a client, snapping shots of my kids, or crawling along the ground shooting bugs just for fun - if I have a camera in my hand I'm enjoying myself! I bring this enthusiasm to my portrait sessions. I keep a very relaxed environment, and my goal is for you to feel comfortable and have a really great time as we work together. After we're done, my goal is to make you look fantastic and give you photos that you'll cherish for a lifetime.

I specialize in being non-specialized. I absolutely love photography and it shows in my work, whatever style that happens to be at the time.
I have experience in and can do many types of projects, including (but never limited to) :
-Portraits of All Types (Seniors, Babies, Kids, Pets, Models, etc.)
-Aerial Photography
-Band Photography (live and promo packs)
-Event Coverage (Sports, Corporate Events, etc)
-Real Estate Photography
-Product & Commercial Photography
-Nature & Fine Art Photography

I am also available for photography and Photoshop training sessions.

-I have two sons, who are the loves of my life.
-I'm a total geek. My favorite shows are nature documentaries. CSI? No thanks, I'll watch Nova instead!
-I've built all my own computers since 1998 (yup, geek)..
-I used to do quite a bit of stand-up at comedy clubs.
-I play guitar and sing in my church band. I used to be the lead singer of a rock n' roll band
-The camera guy logo is a photo of me, taken by my lovely wife & assistant Cassandra
-I take bugs outside rather than squishing them, and I often take their picture first!

My photography has been featured in:
"Capture Indy", a coffee table book available at Barnes & Noble and online here: http://www.pedimentbooks.com/capture-indy/
Paramotor Magazine (UK)
Paramotor das Motorschirm-Magazin (Germany)
Indianapolis Zoo Magazine - All issues since July 2008
Indianapolis Zoo Brochure 2008, 2009, & 2010
Indianapolis Zoo Map 2009 & 2010
The Southside Times
www.FootprintsOfNature.com (Grand prize photo contest winner)

“Paul had a great time, and thought you were outstanding. Skye was really suprised that she liked it so much, and said you were really easy to talk with. She is pretty shy, so that is high praise. Thanks so much!” – Kari M., 10/10/09

"I've been a bay area graphic designer for over 10 years. Finding photographers that can balance their creativity, professionalism, and timeliness is hard to find. Jason has been a true pleasure to work with. He takes my requests and offers valuable and creative suggestions which end up creating a much stronger end product. Even with 3000 miles and 2 time zones between us, we have flawless communication. He always makes his deadlines with time to spare and delivers files in perfect format. You will not be disappointed in any aspect of Jason Wright Photography." - Brian T., 11/3/09

"Jason, I can't thank you enough for the beautiful photos of Nicholas! Despite his difficult attitude that day you were still able to get so many great shots. Alex even said something about doing 3 mo. shots if you're still available, but we can talk about that closer to time.
Thanks again, we LOVE them so much!" - Amy H., 2/11/2011
I am based just outside of Indianapolis and I service the central Indiana area. I can travel outside of the area when needed.

I'm on these social networking sites:
Twitter: http://twitter.com/tjwphotography
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/JasonWrightPhotography
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/jasonwrightphotography
Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/highflyerin

Please call or e-mail for availability and quotes:


Mail:  Jason@JasonWrightPhotography.com

Phone:  (317) 941-3946

Senior Shoot

March 9, 2016+br850+br566+br1


August 10, 2011+br850+br566+br2

Newborn Shoot

February 3, 2011+br850+br566+br3

Newborn Portrait

February 3, 2011+br850+br566+br4

Newborn Portrait

February 3, 2011+br850+br566+br5

Family Shoot

January 27, 2011+br850+br566+br6

Senior Portrait

January 27, 2011+br850+br566+br7

Senior Portrait

April 12, 2010+br453+br680+br8

Senior Portrait

April 12, 2010+br453+br680+br9

Toddler Shoot

March 29, 2010+br453+br680+br10

Newborn Shoot

March 29, 2010+br850+br566+br11

Senior Portrait

February 16, 2010+br850+br567+br12

Modeling Portrait

February 16, 2010+br453+br680+br13

Toddler Portrait

February 16, 2010+br543+br680+br14

Baby Portrait

November 12, 2009+br850+br567+br15

Senior Portrait

October 30, 2009+br850+br566+br16

Baby Portrait

October 21, 2009+br850+br607+br17

MMA Fighter Shamar Bailey

October 21, 2009+br453+br680+br18

Senior Portrait

October 16, 2009+br850+br567+br19

Baby Portrait

October 16, 2009+br850+br607+br20

Senior Portrait

October 11, 2009+br453+br680+br21

Baby Christmas Portrait

July 8, 2009+br850+br624+br22

Dog Portrait

July 8, 2009+br453+br680+br23

Toddler Shoot - Doggy Kiss

July 9, 2009+br556+br680+br24

Fitness Model

July 8, 2009+br850+br567+br25

Senior Portrait

July 8, 2009+br850+br567+br26

Baby Fall Portrait

July 8, 2009+br790+br680+br27

Babe in Toyland

July 8, 2009+br850+br567+br28

Senior Portrait

July 8, 2009+br453+br680+br29

Kids Portrait

July 8, 2009+br850+br567+br30

Boxer Portrait

July 8, 2009+br453+br680+br31


July 8, 2009+br453+br680+br32

Mixed Martial Arts - UFC 119

February 3, 2011+br500+br750+br33

Motorsports - NASCAR

July 8, 2009+br850+br571+br34

Motorsports - MotoGP

July 6, 2009+br850+br567+br35

Mixed Martial Arts - King of the Cage

July 6, 2009+br357+br500+br36

Mixed Martial Arts - Battleground 21

July 6, 2009+br500+br407+br37

Wedding Couple

April 6, 2016+br850+br566+br38

First Dance

April 11, 2014+br850+br570+br39

JR & Hillery

April 11, 2014+br850+br567+br40

You May Kiss The Bride

June 27, 2011+br850+br566+br41


June 20, 2011+br850+br566+br42

To Have And To Hold

June 20, 2011+br850+br658+br43

Dancing Couple

August 19, 2009+br453+br680+br44


July 28, 2009+br784+br680+br45

Happy Couple

July 6, 2009+br500+br333+br46

Beautiful Bride

July 6, 2009+br850+br607+br47


July 6, 2009+br534+br800+br48

Bride & Kids

July 6, 2009+br850+br628+br49

Live Music

February 3, 2011+br850+br566+br50

Live Music

February 3, 2011+br850+br566+br51

Live Music

February 3, 2011+br850+br566+br52

Band Photography

February 3, 2011+br850+br566+br53

The Flying Toasters

June 14, 2010+br453+br680+br54

Chris Stone

June 14, 2010+br453+br680+br55

Deja Voodoo

July 8, 2009+br485+br680+br56

Mandy Marie & the Cool Hand Lukes

July 8, 2009+br453+br680+br57

Live Music - Deja Voodoo

July 6, 2009+br358+br500+br58

May Morning Aerial

October 3, 2011+br850+br566+br59

Head In The Clouds

February 3, 2011+br850+br566+br60

Giant Windmills

February 3, 2011+br453+br680+br61


February 3, 2011+br850+br567+br62

Up With The Jumbo Jets

February 3, 2011+br850+br559+br63

Cloud 9

February 3, 2011+br850+br567+br64

B&W Stripes

February 3, 2011+br850+br567+br65

Golden Streets

February 3, 2011+br433+br680+br66

Clouds & Shadows

February 3, 2011+br453+br680+br67

Hazy Morning Flight

July 8, 2009+br850+br567+br68

Makeshift Moat

July 8, 2009+br850+br680+br69

Spacious Skies

July 8, 2009+br850+br572+br70

Lines, Curves, & Textures

July 8, 2009+br543+br680+br71

Flying With Friends

July 8, 2009+br850+br573+br72

Foggy Morning Countryside

July 6, 2009+br850+br390+br73

Natus Medical Ad - www.natus.com

August 5, 2009+br525+br680+br74

Product Photography - Hula Bean Coffee

July 6, 2009+br469+br680+br75

White Lightning

February 3, 2011+br850+br537+br76


February 3, 2011+br850+br567+br77

Ruby Throated Hummingbird

February 3, 2011+br850+br607+br78


February 3, 2011+br850+br567+br79


February 3, 2011+br850+br567+br80

Rocky Shore

April 13, 2010+br453+br680+br81

Caribbean Morning

April 13, 2010+br850+br553+br82


February 16, 2010+br453+br680+br83

Rustic Indiana Barn

July 9, 2009+br850+br580+br84

Lazy Day

July 9, 2009+br543+br680+br85

Spider Macro

July 9, 2009+br850+br680+br86

Tiny Hand

July 8, 2009+br850+br567+br87

Purple Orchids

July 8, 2009+br850+br567+br88

Big Feet, Little Feet

July 8, 2009+br543+br680+br89


July 8, 2009+br850+br364+br90

Indianapolis Skyline at Night

July 8, 2009+br850+br567+br91

Luxury Home Aerial

March 9, 2016+br850+br477+br102

Commercial Interior

March 9, 2016+br850+br566+br103


March 9, 2016+br850+br566+br104

Commercial Real Estate

March 9, 2016+br797+br680+br105

Home Exterior

March 9, 2016+br850+br566+br106

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